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Friday, March 13, 2009


Here Are A List Of Numbers Called "Magic 8" Where If You Played All 8 Of The 3 Digit Numbers You Are Guaranteed 2 Out Of 3 Of The Numbers Will Hit 90% Of The Time.

The Numbers Are:
127 - 345 - 369 - 380 - 468 - 490 - 560 - 589

I've seen people Selling This List Of Numbers For $20 But You're Getting Them For FREE Today. Use These Numbers With Whatever System You Are Using To Pick Your Lottery Numbers Because They Do Work.

If You Want To See If These Numbers Work Just Check Them Against Past Winning 3 Digit Lottery Numbers For Your State And Sometimes All 3 Of The 3 Digit Numbers Hit.

I Hope This Helps You Out, I'll Be Back With More.


  1. I paid for these same numbers and they do work. I use them whenever I play my state's 3 digit lottery. People need to head over to because you'll find a lot of useful info there for any lottery game you play.

  2. Ive Hit My States Pick 3 Box Play 4 Times in the last 2 weeks using these numbers!

  3. I had trouble getting a box hit, too. But I finally found the system that works for me at

  4. lotterypost what a joke

  5. The midday drawing in SC hit today if you played these as a box play. 11/17/14 :)

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